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Zoom out, zoom in: Expansion and contraction in perception, movement, and action

Maike Koch

When you stand by the sea and look into the horizon, your perception expands to take in space and sky, light and nature, and your place in the mysterious universe. When you pick up a seashell from the beach and look closely at it, your perception shrinks to concentrate on a small object and its physical details. Let’s call this perceptual phenomenon “zooming out, zooming in.”

It’s good that our perception is flexible, and able to shrink and expand. In this workshop we’ll become more aware of this wonderful capability. Using situations, provocations, games, and exercises, we’ll zoom in and out on purpose, go back and forth between expansion and contraction, and integrate the skill in the work that we do on ourselves and with our Alexander students.

This workshop is open to all. No previous experience is necessary.

Pedro de Alcantara is a writer, musician, artist, and teacher. He finished his Alexander training in 1983. His most recent book is Creative Health for Pianists, published by Oxford University Press a few months ago. His current projects include a voice method, which he’ll offer as an online course, and a series of poems and drawings about the invention of writing. He lives in Paris. www.pedrodealcantara.com

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Sa., 23.09.2023 – So., 24.09.2023
13:00 bis 16:00
Straße, Nr.
Grunewaldstraße 84
PLZ / Ort
10823 Berlin

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Maike Koch
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