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Wochenend-Kurs mit Caren Bayer, New York, USA

Renate Wehner

Although my work is primarily classic Alexander Technique, Tai Chi has offered insight into how my Alexander teacher, Patrick MacDonald, conveyed his vision. MacDonald, a boxing enthusiast, and my Tai Chi teacher, Master Yu, shared the principle of quiet on the outside while maintaining dynamic strength on the inside.
In this Workshop, we will be exploring volume, and how spatial awareness when dynamically generated can change how we move. Along with basic Alexander Technique procedures, we will combine principles of Tai Chi and Qigong, circular and spiral forces of direction and Qi, for increased freedom and stability. While addressing the question of how “hands-on” activates our own alignment, we will strengthen the relationship of our backs to and from the ground, and in turn, learn to transfer this three-dimensional coordination to our students.
Teaching language is English.

Zeitliches Format
Sa., 01.07.2023 – So., 02.07.2023
Sa 14 - 18 Uhr und So 10 - 15 Uhr
ZAYT, Zentrum für Alexander-Technik, Yoga, Tanz und personzentrierte Beratung
Straße, Nr.
Marienstr. 8
PLZ / Ort
79100 Freiburg
200 Euro (180 ermäßigt)

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Renate Wehner
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